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The Art Of Yummy

Objective : The objective was to create an independent film with the group of your choice that we could submit to a film festival. We had chosen to do a film in the fitness/health category . We created a cooking show episode. Due to time management issues we did not enter it into the festival nor did I personally finish my edited version of this movie. However I feel what I have done is the beginning a nice informative cooking show.




We filmed this at my home and everyone involved had a hand in the cooking. It was a lot of fun. It was definitely a challenge filming because we had many distractions, from my parking dogs to my moms loud gospel music playing. Yet we got it done and had the opportunity to enjoy the breakfast afterward! I regret though…the fact that I have not completed this film. I turned it in incomplete because some credit is better then none and I have run out of time. I specifically happy with my introduction (basically all the shots and music before the title) I really like the feeling of it its sort of trippy & aesthetically at least in my eyes looks cool, its not just food its cool food lol. Anyways hopefully you will enjoy this half of a film!

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La Vie En Rose Reflection

OBJECTIVE : I had to write a reflective essay on the film “La Vie En Rose”. Specifically I was to critique the cinematography, editing and all aspects of the film aking process, giving my opinion on why this movie was so fantastic.

ARTIFACT: La_Vie_en_Rose_ali

REFLECTION: I enjoyed writing this essay because I actually really enjoyed the movie. It had amazing cinematography in it so it was real easy to come up with something to write!




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Lighting on The Human Face

OBJECTIVE: Identify different lighting set ups and take photos.

ARTIFACT: Study of Light on the Human Face

REFLECTION: This was a very fun project because I got to be in the spotlight hahaha. Actually im quite shy but it was fun just to see all the different moods the light can bring.

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OBJECTIVE: Create a documentary.


REFLECTION: This was a project I did with a few other students our Jr. year of high school. We created a documentary about nuclear energy and how it can cause disastrous effects if used for the wrong purposes. I really enjoyed this project, it was depressing at times but it was interesting to get the perspectives of others.

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Sin City

OBJECTIVE: To create a film of compiled shorts that all take place at a bus stop.

ARTIFACT: Not Available due to editing issues.

REFLECTION: Sin City is a compilation of shorts with the same setting : a bus stop. We chose the top scripts from the class to shoot. Throughout this semester me and my classmates worked tremendously hard to pull this short together. We had many setbacks and bumps in the road.Yet every student worked very well with each other, we had a good team of hard workers.Every class we would dress up,act,shoot,do makeup etc. We had many “fails” and hilarious moments along the way.This was a really funny and stressful project. Due to lack of time the editor could not finish the film, so that is why its is not linked. boo 😦 but ya Mrs.Johnson don’t deduct points please D:

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Special Effects Makeup

OBJECTIVE: To create realistic wounds on the actors for the “Bus Stop” shorts.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.




REFLECTION:  I have a passion for art,specifically art expressed through makeup. I was thrilled to be in charge of the makeup for my class’ shorts that would be filmed. As seen above I created an ideal wound with the vision of the director. I created a gun shot wound,scratches, and a zombie. I used special effects makeup like fake blood,wax and other various makeup.This was honestly so much fun for me. I enjoy making people look like crap haha you know as long as it is just makeup! (: I have to say though it was stressful when we were shooting because we had limited amounts of time so I could not take my time! I had to have a very quick pace which was hard for me to accomplish. Over this semester I had a lot of practice with makeup and it was very fun and it feels good to know my work was a little part of our class project!

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Raging Bull Reflection

OBJECTIVE: To write a reflective essay on why Raging Bull was a good movie.

ARTIFACT: Raging Bull Reflection Essay

REFLECTION: I wrote this essay after watching the movie Raging Bull.

I was assigned to summarize this movie and point out why this movie was so good. I explained in detail which filming techniques I thought made this movie particularly stand out as awesome (:  Like I express in the essay this was a really fabulous movie from the script to the cinematography.